2D Art

Character concepts for "Unimagined Friends", the bachelor film I'm working on.  A big part of the character designs in the film are based on children's drawings, a style that's surprisingly hard to emulate.  

Character concepts for "Unimagined Friends" the bachelor film I'm working on. These are some quick concepts for the kids in the daycare.

Clothing concepts for Carol, a central character in Unimagined Friends. She's a rather inept daycare substite teacher who's rather unsure of herself and has a hard time relating to the kids.

Earlier concepts for Carol. The  leftmost one is closest to the final concept.

Very early rough concepts for Carol.

Face concepts for Carol. 
"Monster Attacks Ancient Greece" Value Study
"Viking Priest" - Character concept
"Genetically Altered Goblin" - Character concept
Untitled - A personal piece. I simply wanted to practice expressions and portraits.
Untitled - A personal piece. Experimenting with photoshop brushes  for the fun of it.